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  • 2016/06/02
    Tibet will increase its spending on the protection and maintenance of the region's sky burial sites, it's department of civil affairs said.The regional government will invest 165 million yuan ($25 million) this year on 47 sky burial sites, most of them close to religious buildings. Each site will be...
  • 2016/03/11
    Health officials in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region recently announced that an HIV diagnosis laboratory will begin operating in the city in 2016. A city-level HIV diagnosis laboratory will be built and put into use this year, Phentok said, noting that the new facility will feature more testing equipm...
  • 2015/04/08
    file photo of Li Ka-shing In today's trending, Li Ka-shing's mansion repels thief, poem dissuades thief from burglary, moving ancient divorce papers, runner makes green journey for Tomb-Sweeping Day, and student tours China through crowd-funding. Man tries to rob tycoon, fails A young man tried to b...
  • 2014/07/23
    LHASA, July 23 -- China will invest heavily to carry safe drinking water to all temples around the southwestern Tibet Autonomous Region within 2014, said regional authorities on Wednesday. The one-time investment of 495 million yuan (about 79.2 million U.S. dollars) will give 1,466 temples access to...
  • 2014/05/26
     Feature of Qi Zhala, standing committee member of CPC Tibet Autonomous Region and municipal party secretary of Lhasa The 2013 Public Service Blueprint published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences shows that the rating of basic public service in Lhasa ranks on top of 38 major Chinese cit...
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